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Oak Bluffs Town Beach

Oak Bluffs Town Beach

Downtown Oak Bluffs offers access to Oak Bluffs Town Beach. This beach is just steps from the Oak Bluffs Steamship ferry terminal and Oak Bluffs harbor. Oak Bluffs Town Beach is a sandy beach with generally calm water this is a popular place for families.

There are staircases down to the beach along the seawall with handicap access at the end of the beach away from the ferry terminal. With access to town facilities, local restaurants, shopping, and parking along the road and throughout town, this is a great place to visit if you don't have much time on the island. If you are staying in town, this is an ideal option for a full beach day to a quick ocean dip.

While in Oak Bluffs, check out some of the famous ice cream shops like Mad Martha's and Ben & Bills Chocolate Emporium

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