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Places to Stay on Martha's Vineyard - Hotels, B&Bs & Homes

Deciding on where to stay while visiting Martha's Vineyard is almost a full-time job. Here's an organized list to make the decision easier.

Places to Stay on Martha's Vineyard - Hotels, B&Bs & Homes

Deciding on where to stay while visiting Martha's Vineyard is almost a full-time job, with the vast amount of offerings, so we decided to list them out in an organized fashion that will make the decision easier for you.

Booking accommodations should be simple, and we're here to help make it extra simple with our travel concierge services. Reach out to us if you'd like us to help you navigate the world of accommodations on Martha's Vineyard.

Take into account not only the dates you are visiting and your budget per night, but also who you are traveling with (elderly travelers, as well as young children might have specific needs), what town you are looking to stay in, as well as your mode of transportation while on the island.

Boutique Bed & Breakfasts

Bed and Breakfast

Boutique Bed & Breakfasts and Inns are the ideal stay for couples or solo travelers looking to reconnect together or with themselves. The island has a wide variety of bed & breakfasts and inns that are independently owned and offer not only exclusive accommodations in some of the best locations on island, but also delight guests with curated breakfasts experiences.

Bed & breakfasts are exclusive stays that cater to your personal liking, and are great sources of local information, as they are typically owned and run by the innkeepers, who tend to be locals with years of experience in the area.


Resorts are the ideal accommodations for families and friend groups looking for not only accommodations, but also dining and activities within the property. On Martha's Vineyard, there are only two actual properties that can be considered resorts, and they are the Winnetu Oceanside Resort and the Harbor View Hotel. Both are located within the town of Edgartown and offer amenities such as pools as well as being extremely close to beaches. They also have delicious restaurants within the properties themselves, making vacation meals simple to book.

Resort Pool Overlooking Atlantic Ocean

If you're traveling with kids, resorts are a great option because they tend to also have some sort of kid-friendly activities happening during the peak season. We love that both the Winnetu and the Harbor View Hotel have activities not only for kids, but also have unique experiences such as private yoga classes, clambakes, and more.

If you're bringing your vehicle on island, most hotels and resorts will have parking available for your vehicle, but during the peak season, parking is limited and might be on a first come, first serve basis, so be sure to ask!

Vacation Rentals

Martha's Vineyard Vacation Rental

Vacation home rentals are the perfect lodging for anyone staying for more than a week on the island. Extended stays tend to work best with vacation home rentals because travelers will not only have a larger space to enjoy, but having access to kitchen, outdoor space, and other amenities that rentals normally provide is key to spending weeks on island. Vacation home rentals are usually managed by real estate companies on the island.

This is the quintessential stay for family reunions, because everyone gets to not only have their own space, but the vacation home rentals have communal spaces that you can come together as a group and enjoy family or friend time. Not something that's as easily done in the lobby of a hotel!

Before you rent!

While some rentals might offer linens, kayaks, bicycles, and other amenities, others might not, so make sure to check with your rental agency to see what's included.

If the above are not included, ask about companies you could rent from during your time on the island.

Motels & Hostels

One of the most affordable options for lodging on Martha's Vineyard are motels and hostels. They're great options for solo travelers that don't need many amenities, won't be spending much time in the room, or just need an inexpensive space to crash for the night.

While the island doesn't have many of them, including only one hostel, HI Martha's Vineyard, it is a great option for simple travelers. Amenities include free WiFi outdoor area, close to public transit, luggage storage, game room, free towels & bed sheets, free parking, and even a guest kitchen.


The Martha's Vineyard Family Campgrounds are a great option for those looking to connect with nature! They have a great amount of amenities, but space is limited and books quickly, so make sure to reserve your cabin or space in their lot with enough time.

Campground Tent

Some of the amenities they offer include:

Cottages, Studios, & More

A good option for those looking for last minute booking would be to check rental sites like VRBO or AirBnB. Although these lodging accommodations are not as regulated as the classic hotels and inns, they do offer a variety of options, whether you are looking to rent a single room, an entire apartment or condo, or a home.

Another great resource for discovering the best places to stay on Martha's Vineyard is checking out the Martha's Vineyard Lodging Association website as well as the official website for Martha's Vineyard, mvy.com.

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