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Places to Eat on Martha's Vineyard - Restaurants & More

Deciding where to eat on Martha's Vineyard can be overwhelming, but we're here to guide you in the most delicious direction, no matter what you're craving!

Places to Eat on Martha's Vineyard - Restaurants & More

Deciding where to eat on Martha's Vineyard can be overwhelming, but we're here to guide you in the most delicious direction, no matter what you're craving! The island is packed to the brim with independently-owned eateries - you won't find those mainland fast food chains anywhere here and we love that about the island. Every spot you visit and dine in is special, unique, and unlike anything you've ever tried. From the simplest sandwiches to the most luxurious meals, there's something for everyone on Martha's Vineyard.

Coffee Shops

Starting with the best part of waking up on Martha's Vineyard, a fresh cup of coffee, a well-made latte, or a hot tea, alongside freshly baked goods, is an essential part of your vacation.

Coffee From Martha's Vineyard

Try the Iced Lavender Latte from Behind the Bookstore in Edgartown and be prepared to fall in love with a coffee drink.

Local Tip!

Sip it while walking to Edgartown Harbor and sit at one of the benches while you watch the boats come and go.


Martha's Vineyard Bakery

Whether you're looking for a morning croissant, an afternoon slice of cake, or a late night cookie, the island has a few of the most delicious bakeries in New England! Each one with their own recipes, tried and true, tested throughout the seasons, we couldn't choose one to love the most. If you're looking to order a birthday cake or a special occasion cake, make sure to call ahead a few days in advance, especially during peak season. There are times you can swing by Black Dog Bakery or Sweet Bites and they'll have cakes in their display case ready to go, but that's not always promised!

If you're a coffee and chocolate lover, the Double Chocolate Espresso Cookie at Little House Cafe in Vineyard Haven is truly the cookie of your dreams.

Ice Cream & Candy Shops

While on vacation, you'll always feel the desire to treat yourself, and taking a walk down any Main Street town on Martha's Vineyard will help you stumble into one of the many ice cream and candy shops on the island. Typically, these two are paired together, offering guests a selection of candies, handmade fudge, sugary candies, and more, alongside the classic ice cream offerings.

Martha's Vineyard ice Cream

The island not only has some of the best classic flavor options, but you'll also find the famous Lobster Ice Cream at Ben & Bill's in Oak Bluffs, the Chilmark Coffee Soft Serve at Vineyard Scoops in Edgartown, and the New England favorite brand, Gifford's of Maine, at Murdick's in Vineyard Haven.


Hoping to discover the best sandwiches of Martha's Vineyard? Then this category is for you! Delis on island are plentiful, normally paired up with a fresh food market, wine shop, or even full dining options within them! The island has a diverse palate when it comes to sandwiches, and you'll find something from almost every corner of the world.

Martha's Vineyard Delis

Here are Martha's top five sandwiches on Martha's Vineyard:

  1. The Bahn Mi Sandwich at Mo's Lunch in Oak Bluffs
  2. The Italian Sandwich at Tigerhawk Sandwich Co. in Oak Bluffs
  3. The Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich at Rosewater Market in Edgartown
  4. The John Alden Sandwich at Waterside Market in Vineyard Haven
  5. The Liz Lemon Sandwich at 7aFoods in West Tisbury


Nothing like a slice to snack on while walking around town or grabbing a few pies to bring to the beach. On the island, you'll find diverse types of pizza, such as NY Style, Pan Pizza, and a few more. Not only will you find traditional pizzerias, but we also have a great mobile pizza truck that normally bakes from the West Tisbury Farmers Market, called Stoney Hill Pizza, which you can also book for private events, how fun is that!

Martha's Vineyard Pizza

Fine Dining

No trip to Martha's Vineyard is complete without a splurge and splurging on a fine dining meal on island is truly a pleasure to be had by everyone that enjoys the culinary world. You will find award-winning chefs and restaurants across all towns on Martha's Vineyard, acclaimed by the top food experts in the region, alongside up and coming culinary talent that use the island as the stage for their growth and experience.

For fine dining experiences on island, always make sure to book a reservation with plenty of time in advance, as most places fill up quickly.

Island dress code:

the island is very casual, with even fine dining restaurants adhering to the Martha's Vineyard style - which is come as you may, as long as you are here to enjoy life. You'll find stricter dress codes in golf clubs, private clubs, and Relais & Chateaux properties on the island, so wear what you want and be comfortable in your own skin!

Martha's Vineyard Fine Dining

Clambakes & Raw Bars

If you're on island for more than a couple of days and are staying in a vacation rental, one of the best experiences you can book is having a clambake or raw bar in your rental backyard or on the beach (where permitted). These are two of New England's most incredible culinary traditions that showcase the diverse and deliciously fresh and local seafood of Martha's Vineyard.

Fresh Martha's Vineyard Clams


Catering on Martha's Vineyard is the most delicious treat - forget about trying to find parking in town, and enjoy a catered meal in your rental, by either a catering company or island private chef.

International Dining Options

Sometimes while traveling in New England, we might not be craving the local seafood offerings at every meal, or for those with seafood allergies or dietary restrictions, we have listed below our top five favorite restaurants that offer international dining:

  1. Sharky's Cantina (Tex-Mex)
  2. Dilly's Taqueria (Mexican)
  3. Bangkok Thai (Thai)
  4. China House (Chinese)
  5. Copper Wok (Pan-Asian)

Whatever you decide to eat, if you're on Martha's Vineyard, it will be delicious! Check out the Martha's Vineyard Dining Sourcebook for a full book on all things food on the island.

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