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Moshup Beach

Moshup Beach

Aquinnah (formerly Gay Head) is the least populous town on the island. Home to the storied Aquinnah cliffs, and the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah). Moshup Beach (Gay Head Public Beach) is open to the public, and offers stunning views of the multicolored clay cliffs.

If you visit this incredible beach, remember that the cliffs are a federally protected landmark, climbing on or disturbing the clay is prohibited by law.

Soft sand with large rocks, endless south facing views of the ocean, and the beautifully cliffs towering behind you create a truly majestic landscape on this beach. Parking is available in a large public lot for a daily fee. Facilities are available near the parking lot. The beach itself is about a ten minute walk down a dune path to the sand.

For those feeling the need to sun it all, head toward the cliffs and you will come upon a sign that is uncommon on many beaches in the U.S. “Beyond this point you may encounter nude sunbathing.” Beyond this sign, well, you guessed it, you may see folks sunbathing sans clothing.

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